Qualcomm’s New Processor For Headphones Assures 2x Battery Life

Oppo O-Free Wireless Earbuds Qualcomm TrueWireless

Qualcomm ended the month of June by announcing a new product. In an attempt to make a truly wireless headphones a reality, the chip maker has announced a new Bluetooth Audio SoC, QCC3026.

The new chip addresses one basic need of the users: battery life. Qualcomm has promised that QCC3026 can cut down on battery consumption by up to 50% while also providing high-quality audio. Qualcomm says its enhanced TureWireless stereo technology can provide better wireless connectivity from the smartphone to the earbuds and between the earbuds as well.

It’s a cheaper SoC built on the lines of the QCC5100 unveiled by Qualcomm at this year’s CES. The company says that reference chip designs will be made available to the manufacturers in the second half of 2018.

Chinese smartphone maker OPPO has already announced its O-Free wireless earbuds featuring the QCC3026, which will be shipped with some of its flagship Find X smartphones.

In the last couple of years, following Apple’s trail, more manufacturers have started to ditch the 3.55 jack. While the USB or Lightning-based options are still there, people seem to be more inclined towards wireless solutions. However, the lack of the much-needed battery life and audio quality has made the users hesitant while switching to wireless audio technologies.

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