This Robotic Tesla Charger Could Be Incredibly Helpful During Coronavirus Pandemic

Robotic Tesla Charger Coronavirus

Nobody imagined we would come across a situation like this. Even Tesla wouldn’t have the slightest hint of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic while designing this robotic charger almost five years ago.

Back in 2015, Tesla uploaded a video of an auto charger prototype on its YouTube channel. It showed how a person could charge their electric car without even stepping out of their vehicle. However, we haven’t received any further updates on the prototype.

Though its purpose would have been entirely different at that time, robotic charger makes a lot of sense if produced now.

The COVID-19 virus spreads through physical contact with anything that has been exposed to it. It’s obvious that these automatic Tesla chargers could not solve the underlying problem. However, these chargers can eliminate the need for physical contact and help in cutting down the virus spread.

Right Now, the US has the highest number of COVID-19 cases and electric vehicles. Additionally, Tesla has the strongest supercharger network in the US, and these robotic chargers could work wonders.

Well, the US being the homeland of Tesla, this could be the best opportunity for Elon Musk to test the feasibility of such projects.

How Feasible Is the Idea Of Producing Robotic Tesla Charger During Coronavirus?

If Tesla hasn’t yet taken the prototype into a mainstream project, then there are reasons behind it. Due to several factors, the chargers could not be installed at supercharging stations any time soon.

One of the major issues, as explained by YouTube channel Tailosive EV, is the overall cost, which includes manufacturing, installing, and maintaining these chargers. A single unit would cost a lot more than the traditional chargers that are currently being used.

On the other hand, vandalizing chargers at stations is not uncommon. Some people even unintentionally break the charging plugs and harm the chargers. Of course, Musk wouldn’t want people driving away with the expensive robotic charger still connected to their Tesla.

So, this is probably one of the reasons why Tesla didn’t bring the project into the real-world. Apart from these hurdles, if we throw light on the Tesla Robotaxis project, then these kinds of chargers can be a part of that project.

Nonetheless, Tesla hasn’t given any official confirmation on producing these robotic chargers. So, all we can do wait until any update arrives.

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