10 Students Arrested For Playing PUBG In Gujarat, India


The police have arrested ten college students for playing the popular battle royale game PUBG in Western Gujarat. It’s worth noting that the Police Commissioner Manoj Agrawal banned the game on March 6th in an official notification.

The police told media that out of 10 persons arrested in the last two days, six are undergraduate students, and these cases have been registered under IPC Section 188 and Section 35.

“People have been booked but there is nothing like an arrest in it,” Mr. Agrawal further told the media. “The case will go to the courts and there will be a trial for not following the notification issued.”

While the students were later released the same day on bail, their phones were seized for further investigation.

What makes the arrests more ‘interesting’ is the fact that players were so engaged in playing PUBG that they didn’t notice the police team approaching them. “Our team caught these youth red-handed,” Rohit Raval, Rajkot Special Operations Group police inspector, said.

Ever since PUBG was launched in 2017, the game has attracted millions of players in India and other parts of the globe. Apart from Gujarat, politicians, and officials from other states as well have highlighted the negative impact of the game on children.

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