These Are The Programs Used By ISIS To Remain Anonymous On The Web

jihadist toolkit software used by isis
jihadist toolkit software used by isis

jihadist toolkit software used by isisShort Bytes: Cybersecurity group Flashpoint has released a new report, outlining the technologies and software used by ISIS terrorists. These security-first programs are used by  jihadists to erase the tracks of their online activities and defeat surveillance. The software discussed in the report include the likes of TOR, Telegram, and VPN applications.

In the recent past, we have seen an increased use of technology by terrorists and criminals. With their enhanced technical knowledge and strategic use of social media, they are able to harm us in newer manners.

The same applies to the brutal terrorists of the Islamic State. They use multiple modes of encrypted communications. They use these means to circulate terror manuals and tutorials to train the new jihadists and spread their propaganda.

According to Flashpoint, a cybersecurity group focused on the deep and dark web, the terrorists have become more sophisticated since 2012.

Flashpoint has released a new report, elucidating about 36 tools and technologies used by terrorists. These technologies have become imperative to these terror operators for remaining underground, escaping surveillance, and covering their tracks.

The report outlines that ISIS members make use of secure browsers like TOR and Opera to pay a visit to the web. As NSA is known to monitor TOR traffic, the jihadists use extra layers of security.

The software used and recommended by ISIS are:

  • Secure browsers like TOR and Opera Browser
  • CyberGhost VPN
  • Fake GPS software
  • Secure messaging apps like Telegram
  • Encrypted email services like Hushmail, Yopmail
  • Radio station apps
  • Locker — an app that deletes files on a mobile device after multiple incorrect unlocking attempts

Today’s terrorists are relentlessly adopting new technologies to conceal their online operations. Very often they are seen using open source tools as they are the best when it comes to online security.

Stressing upon the importance of more insights into the behaviour of terrorists, Flashpoint concludes the report:

“The more we understand about how jihadists leverage digital technologies to engage in nefarious activities, the better equipped we will be to defend ourselves and mitigate risk as effectively as possible.”

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