Mozilla Launches “Facebook Container” To Stop Your Data Tracking On The Web

Stop Facebook Tracking Mozilla Firefox

Facebook is already busy taking arrows from every possible direction. Mozilla has shot one more arrow in the form of a Firefox add-on called Facebook Container.

Mozilla has designed the addon to make it harder for the blue network to track people everywhere they can. The company says that it’s based on technologies they have been working for years to help manage privacy and security.

The extension won’t be able to stop Facebook from tracking your behavior on their social network. What Facebook Container does is it prevents Facebook from identifying your internet activity outside of their system.

How does Facebook Container work?

After installing the extension, it logs you out of your Facebook account and deletes all the related cookies. When you revisit Facebook, the extension will run it in an isolated container. The color of the tab will be blue in that case.

After signing-in, you can use Facebook as you usually do. But when you click a non-Facebook link or visit a non-Facebook website from the URL bar, it will load outside of the container. Thus, it will prevent Facebook from tracking you on other sites via third-party cookies. It’ll be harder to send optimized ads and other targeted messages.

However, there are some takedowns. If you use your Facebook account to log in to different websites, you might face problems. Also, the embedded Facebook comments and Like buttons on web pages displayed in other browser tabs will not work.

It goes without saying that Facebook Container will only prevent tracking in Firefox. If you use Facebook in other browsers or devices, there is no point in installing the tool.

Privacy-focused users can download the Facebook Container using this link.

Source: Mozilla

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