The Walking Dead’s Season 9 Episode Already Being Pirated On Torrent Sites

twd s09e09 leak

The Walking Dead’s ninth season took its mid-season break on November 28, 2018, with the airing of episode eight. Now, AMC’s one of the most talked about shows is set to be back on TV this Sunday with episode nine, titled Adaption.

Just like Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead’s creators also have a pretty good idea of the possibility of the leaking of episodes on torrent sites before their actual premiere. The Walking Dead S09E09 has suffered a similar fate, as reported by TorrentFreak.

In case you’re wondering how did Torrent sites and pirates get access to the mid-season opener episode, let me tell you that the paid AMC Premiere service is the one to blame here. By paying $4.99 per month, the users were able to watch the upcoming episode a week earlier.

It goes without saying that some of those viewers couldn’t control their urge to pirate the episode and leak the S09E09 episode.

Given the immense popularity of the TV show, we don’t know if the leak of the series mid-opener will have any impacts on TV viewing numbers and its ratings. It’s also worth noting that AMC is well aware of the popularity of the show in the pirate circles. Along the similar lines, last month, they retweeted this story:

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