Report Calls Chrome ‘Riskiest Browser Of 2022’ With Over 300 Vulnerabilities

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Google’s Chrome browser is the default choice for many users across different operating systems. While Mozilla and Edge are trying their best, it is almost impossible to snatch users from Chrome. But that could get easier in the future, considering the present condition of the Chrome browser. As per a report by Atlas VPN, Chrome ranked first on the list of the riskiest browsers of 2022. It is a title that Chrome shouldn’t be proud of.

The report showcases a staggering rise in the number of reported vulnerabilities for Google Chrome this year. More than 300 vulnerabilities were reported from January 2022 to 5 October, 2022. If you use Chrome and blindly trust it to keep you safe by believing in all the marketing, it is best to reconsider or change your habit.

Why is Google Chrome so vulnerable?

Google tries its best to keep the browser safe and secure. Chrome has almost become synonymous with the word browser and is the first choice of many. But this year’s vulnerability count is way higher compared to other browsers. Firefox and Edge have over 100 vulnerabilities reported so far, one-third of the vulnerabilities found in Chrome. Safari and Opera have an even lower number of reported vulnerabilities, 26 and 0, respectively.

Even with the total vulnerability count comparison, Chrome secures the top spot with 3159 reported incidents. Firefox is second on this list, too, with 2361 reported vulnerabilities, while Edge and Safari have considerably lower numbers. You might think that it is better to migrate to Edge or Safari, or even Opera because they have the lowest numbers. But that approach would also be incorrect.

Google Chrome
Image: AtlasVPN

Researchers give an argument that the reported vulnerabilities are higher because of the widespread adoption of Chrome and Firefox. But still, it is no excuse to launch a new build with poor security that attackers can exploit. A common user trusts the brand name of Google Chrome and believes that it is the most secure tool to surf the web.

It is high time that Google also thinks the same. Meanwhile, the only way to stay protected is to keep an eye out for reported vulnerabilities and update your Chrome browser frequently. Don’t click on suspicious links and download extensions from sketchy websites. Check out our guide on the best private browsers of 2022.

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