Why We Might See PlayStation State Of Play In Early July

Why We Might See PlayStation State Of Play In Early July
Image: Sony

According to rumors, PlayStation’s next event – State of Play, could be on July 8th. While there have been a series of rumors around it. Moreover, many believe the PlayStation State of Play could happen in early July because of deductions based on recent announcements.

Meanwhile, Sony again decided to skip the E3 2021; and choose to hold their own event. Interestingly, this indicates that Sony somehow plans to create an exclusive event that solely relies on PlayStation games.

However, Sony has not made any announcements about the next PlayStation Showcase. Moreover, there remains no confirmation of what can be expected from the PlayStation State of Play, apart from a few obvious choices.

PlayStation State of Play soon?

Coming to PlayStation State of Play, rumors have been churning out of Reddit, along with other forums for the past weeks. In contrast, these rumors can be attributed to healthy discussions among the fans. However, if we take a closer look, something sticks out.

Now, we know a Death Stranding Director’s cut is coming out soon. Death Stranding’s Director’s Cut, along with delayed God of War Ragnarok, was announced at this year’s Summer Game Fest. Moreover, Hideo Kojima, Death Stranding’s director, tweeted twice (here and here) about editing the trailer for Death Stranding’s Director’s cut. Noticeably, Kojima had previously teased about upcoming games on Twitter, near the game’s release. All these points towards an early July State of Play event from PlayStation.

Furthermore, in recent events, Sony acquiring two game studios, and the association with Summer Game Fest points that there might be something in the works. Since there is no official statement about the State of Play event, readers are advised to take this information with a bit of salt.

Meanwhile, it is still to be seen when Sony announces the next State of Play. If the event will happen in early July as the rumors suggest, or would fans have to wait a little longer.

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