Sony Acquires Nixxes Software In A Bid To Boost PS Exclusives

Sony seems to be expanding rapidly for PlayStation Studios.

Sony Acquire Nixxes Software In A Bid To Boost PS Exclusives
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Sony Interactive Entertainment has purchased Dutch company Nixxes Software. A move that comes just days after Sony announced its move to acquire a returnal developer house marquee. Looking at the bigger picture, it seems like Sony is planning to increase its list of PlayStation Exclusive titles rapidly.

Head of PlayStation Studios Herman Hulst took to Twitter to announce the acquisition. Hulst wrote, “Excited to announce that the talented Dutch studio Nixxes Software will be joining PlayStation Studios. It’s a real pleasure to welcome a team with deep technical expertise and vast experience to the @Playstation family. Huge congrats to everyone @NixxesSoftware!”

For those unaware, Nixxes Software is a Dutch company dealing in video game design and development. In addition, Nixxes also specializes in porting video games for PCs. At the same time, it is evident where Sony is planning to build an overall robust directory of PlayStation Exclusives. Acquiring Nixxes Studio seems to be just another brick in the wall. Moreover, acquiring already established studios is a strategy that rival Microsoft has been working with expanding Xbox.

Furthermore, Nixxes Studio’s merger with Sony Interactive Entertainment will gain them a standing ground compared to Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass—on the other hand, making things a bit easier for PlayStation to get their PS exclusives out for PC players early. All this could help Sony taking on the ever-expanding Xbox Game Pass, which offers great deals to players.

While Sony seems to be working out on making things easy given the tough competition, there’s still a long way to go for the gaming industry giant. Especially in attracting more people to invest in their PlayStation Plus membership.

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