Linux Releases: Wine 4.6 For Running Windows Apps And Emacs 26.2 Text Editor


Wine 4.6

Wine is a life-saver for hundreds of thousands of Linux enthusiasts who are tempted to go back to the closed world of Windows due to some important or enticing Windows applications. Wine lets one run those apps and games seamlessly on Linux.

The developers of Wine have shipped the latest development release of this software in the form of Wine 4.6; Wine 4.0 is still the stable release.

The biggest change in the new version is the initial work towards a Vulkan backend for WineD3D. While it’s not something that the users are going to notice and benefit from right away, it’ll surely be helpful in the long-term. You can read this Phonorix article to get a better idea of why it didn’t happen sooner and other essential bits.

adobe photoshop in wine
Photoshop CS6 (13.0) In Wine

All in all, it’s an improvement over the last release, thanks to a total of 50 bug fixes spread all across the software. Other changes include support for using a shared location to load Mono libraries, support for common button control, port of video capture to Video4Linux version 2, etc.

You can visit this link to find the complete list of changes and bug fixes; the link also contains Wine 4.6 download link. Complete Wine installation commands for Ubuntu and derivatives can be found on this page.

Emacs 26.2

Now moving on the world of Linux text editors!

Sublime Text is my personal favorite but there are chances that GNU Emacs might be your go-to choice. If that’s the case, the latest Emacs 26.2 is here for you. This release follows Emacs 26.1, which arrived in May 2018.emacsThe primary feature of Emacs 26.2 is the Unicode 11.0 support. It goes without saying that this addition will bring lots of new emojis and characters. The new version also lets one build Emacs modules outside of the original tree source

To know about specific editing changes in Emacs 26.2, I’d recommend you to read this official release post and get to know how you can use the ‘Z’ command on a directory and compress and files inside it. There are other small changes as well, so do check them out.

Emacs installation command for Ubuntu and derivatives:

sudo apt update
sudo apt-get install emacs26
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