This is What Google’s Self-driving Car Looks Like From the Inside

Google self driving car from inside
Google self driving car from inside


Google had created a buzz entering into the domains of self-driving car concept few years back. Now out for the test run, Google’s self-driving cars with the striking resemblance to a cute puppy, are adorning the streets of California.

Google’s autonomous cars have become well known with the flurry of images and news online. As part of the Paint The Town Project On Saturday, at the Community School of Music and Arts in Mount View, California, Google put on a display the prototype of its self-driving car. For the first time, the interiors of the car were shown to the public and the images that we see are the courtesy of the people present at the venue.

Google’s self-driving car looks delightfully spacious, so just forget leg cramps. The prototype shown is, however, without the removable steering wheel. The big red button visible in the picture is where the wheel will fit. In further additions, an accelerator, and a brake pedal would be put in place if the person wants to take over the wheels in Google’s self-driving car.

Check out the video by Google defining its autonomous car:


The Google’s self-driving car reaches up to 25 mph giving you a king like ride while you sleep your way to the office. Google has already tested the autonomous driving technology on the Lexus SUV and Toyota Prius, equipping them with their tech.

Google assures that this is just a prototype and the display was to give an insight to the public about the company’s vision of their self-driving car. The cars running on the streets in Mount View have been voted safe and fit for commercial use. Google has vowed to hand over to its customers an even better version of this autonomous vehicle in 2020.

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