A Superfan Has Just Created A Working Calculator In Super Mario Maker

super mariomaker calculator
super mariomaker calculator

super mario maker

Short Bytes: Looks like a Mario lover is also deeply in love with digital logics and mathematics. He has come up with a working calculator in Mario maker under the title “The Cluttered Chaos-Calculator”.

The news of a working calculator in Mario maker was first posted on Reddit by a user named ‘Helgefan’ under the title ‘The Cluttered Chaos-Calculator’. Along with the explanation, the user has also put a video on YouTube showing the working mechanism of the Cluttered Chaos-Calculator.

As shown in the video, while playing the game, a user has to select the two numbers and then enter into the pipe and wait for the result.

For those, who are interested in the logic diagram of this calculator, here is the link to the image uploaded by the user.

In the introduction, the user writes about the calculator on Reddit as:

The Cluttered Chaos-Calculator is a digital circuit consisting of logic gates such as AND and OR not unlike an electronic calculator. However, instead of 2 different voltage levels, Shelmet (1) or no Shelmet (0) are used as binary states (bits). Simple adding machines have been created in the past with Super Mario Maker, but to my knowledge, this is the first one with a decimal conversion and proper display of the result. For clarity, have a look at the big supplemental image!

The calculator’s logic has been divided into four parts. All the logics are given separately under separate headings. These subheadings mainly explain the user input and its binary conversion, binary addition, division by 10 and BCD-to-7-segment decoder and display along with debugging.

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