It’s Official: Fortnite’s Android Version To Be Released This Summer

fortnite android

The wildly popular game Fortnite is finally coming to Android devices. This news was announced by Epic Games in a developer blog post stating that the highly-awaited Android version is slated for a release later this summer.

Just after weeks of its release on the iOS platform where it has been ruling the gaming charts, the sandbox survival game was expected to show up anytime soon on Android mobile operating system as well.

The blog post titled “State of Mobile” also shared insights on several new features that Fortnite’s mobile team has been working on:

  • Voice Chat – users will be able to chat with their teammates, and that includes talking to friends on other platforms. Players will also be able to mute themselves or anybody else.
  • Battery Saver Mode – increases performance by lowering the graphics quality and reduces power consumption (helpful for older phones)
  • Stats Tracking – to be added soon to the mobile version
  • Customizable HUD – already added to the iOS version of the game
  • Reduced Installation Size – patch sizes will be smaller and content download in the background for better update experience

Other enhancements include improved graphical performance, stability and gameplay features like firing and auto-run.

Fortnite has been making millions of dollars per day since its release on iOS in March. With Fortnite coming to Android, the company’s revenue generation is bound to surge drastically.

This leaves only one platform that Fortnite doesn’t support yet, i.e., Nintendo Switch. However, this exception might not last for much longer.

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