You Can Now Play 10,000 Retro Amiga Games In Your Browser For Free

10000 retro amiga games

Short Bytes: Internet Archive has uploaded the Amiga software library. It contains around 10,000 games which were available for various Commodore Amiga devices in the past. You can play these games online in your web browser via the emulator or download them.

I am a 20th-century product. By the time I began to understand the video game world, the 21st century arrived. So, the word Amiga doesn’t fascinate or touch my sentimental nerves because it was nowhere to be heard when I got hands on my first gaming console.

It was a green chip and a wired controller-based TV-connected video game device which I used to play Mario and Contra. Although, I knew about SEGA and their first-person shooter Virtua Cop but Commodore Amiga and its games had become history by that time.

Commodore International, a defunct company, was behind the line of Amiga personal computers launched in 1985. These were some of the best gaming machines available at that time.

Amiga does induce nostalgic feelings among the folks who are currently in their 30s and 40s. Internet Archive’s new software library containing 10,000 Amiga games is an evocative extravaganza for them. I also checked out some of the titles to satisfy my curiosity about these games from the past.

To try some of the Amiga titles, the choices I was left with was to sort them according to the view count and digging through the internet for best Amiga games. Most notable titles I could find in my research were Bubble Booble, The Secret Monkey Island, Cannon Fodder, Sensible Soccer, etc.

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