5 Things Fans Hate About Assassin’s Creed Games

5 Things Fans Hate About Assassin's Creed Games!
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Have you ever loved a game so much that when developers start to mess things around, your love takes a back seat, and you start to hate the game? Well, this sort of thing is common with bigger titles or even game franchises. From the likes of Fortnite to PES, to FIFA, and even Call of Duty, the games have faced backlash for deviating from what the original title was supposed to be. On that note, let’s look at 5 things that Assassin’s Creed fans hate about the series.

While it’s not that every fan of Assassin’s Creed feels the same about hating the games, many of the fans love the franchise. However, owing to the number of players hating on new and old Assassin’s Creed titles, we feel we should mention some of them, along with why the fans hate what they hate about Assassin’s Creed.

5 hated things about Assassin’s Creed

1. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

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Probably the most hated AC game out there? Well, not really sure, but most fans seem to leave the game pretty early after they jump in. Most criticize AC Odyssey as the game doesn’t feel like an Assassin’s Creed game. With all the RPG elements and side quests, the main story is easily overshadowed.

It just so happens that sometimes you forget about the main story because you have so many side missions to complete, which have almost zero to no connection to the main storyline. While we’re talking about irrelevant side missions, we’re sure another AC game will pop up in your head. Yes, it is AC Valhalla, which has some mission in the main storyline, which makes the game a drag to play and provides no contribution to the main plot of the game.

2. No sense of attachment to missions

ac odyssey
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Back in the day, Assassin’s Creed games used to feature complex stories, great missions, and overall good gameplay, which gave players a sense of accomplishment and attachment to the main plot of the game. Come AC Origins, AC Odyssey, and AC Valhalla; the game is so widespread that players sometimes have no sense of attachment to the main story of the game.

Take, for example, AC Odyssey, the endless quest on a side mission to upgrade your armor and weapons that leave little room to enjoy the main story of the game. Moreover, in order to get on to the next mission, you not only have to upgrade (which is acceptable) but go through multiple side missions to get to the main one. Owing to these things, one is sure to lose interest in the story pretty quickly in the game.

3. So much grinding

assassins creed odyssey weapons armor
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Building upon the previous point, AC games like Odyssey, Valhalla, and Origins have lots of upgrades to armor and weapons. However, you do have to grind for it; and grind a lot. This becomes quite frustrating at some point for players; to simply grind for hours to get minor upgrades to the player’s armor and weapons.

Furthermore, for players that simply want to enjoy and complete the main story missions of the game, it becomes an impossible task to do so. Because, again, you just have to complete those side missions which do not have any strong ties with the game’s main plot.

4. Unnecessary big games

big assassins creed games
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Another trigger point for Assassin’s Creed fans is the fact that the latest AC games have become too big. Instead of choosing to make a good 25-30 hour game that engages players at every turn in the story, AC games have become more of a drag.

The perfect example of this is AC Odyssey and AC Valhall. In the case of AC Odyssey, if you’re only looking to complete the main story, it’ll take you a good 45 hours to do so. Meanwhile, to complete the whole game, players should expect a total number of about 140 hours or so. As for AC Valhalla, the game is even bigger than Odyssey, standing at 40 hours just to complete the main story.

5. Not the same Assassin’s Creed

not the same ac series
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Over a period of time, Assassin’s Creed has garnered much hate from its player base, especially as the series transitioned into the modern mess it is. First off, the stories have continuously become boring. Take, for example, AC Black Flag was probably the last AC game to feature a great story in combination with amazing characters that shone throughout the game. However, games like AC Odyssey and Origins failed to have a similar impact on the players.

Another aspect that makes the new Assassin’s Creed game different from the older ones is the lack of stealth gameplay. The older AC titles had smooth stealth gameplay, players had to take downside characters before they moved on to the main target. Stealth gameplay is all about laying low and not having a brawl with your enemies; that is what being an assassin is all about. However, come AC Odyssey, Ubisoft forgot they were making an assassin game. AC Odyssey is everything that a stealth game should not. Furthermore, AC Valhall took all this to another level.

Summing up

Additionally, some AC fans have downright rejected the newer ones. Mainly because of the reasons mentioned, or it might be that the series has become repetitive. Recent AC games are based on the same RPG formula that highly resembles its predecessor. More so, the part that made players feel like they were playing as an assassin is somewhere lacking in the newer Assassin’s Creed games.

The combat has become repetitive; even some of the missions are downright the same, adding more to the frustration of fans. Furthermore, with the recent AC games, we believe the series has lost its touch in making players feel like they’re playing as an assassin, killing someone in broad daylight, and fleeing the crime scene. Instead, you have to wait for the target to come in proximity to make your move.

Ultimately, this surely may sound like banter to some; however, for some, all these points surely spoil the assassin element of the AC games. That being said, the AC series has tons of potential, which Ubisoft can do a lot more than just scratch the surface and utilize to make the game receive more love from the fans.

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