One Piece Chapter 1060 Spoilers Tease Total Desolation Of Lulusia

One Piece Chapter 1060 Spoilers Tease Total Desolation Of Lulucia
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As another chapter of One Piece approaches its release date, the spoilers of the upcoming chapter are already surfacing. And in this article, we’re here to share those spoilers with the fans, along with the release date and time of One Piece Chapter 1060.

Meanwhile, before we get to the part containing One Piece Chapter 1060 spoilers, let’s get the release date and time out of the way for the upcoming chapter.

One Piece Chapter 1060 release date and time

One Piece chapter 1060 is scheduled to release on Sunday, September 18th. As for the release time, the chapter will be available to read online on Viz and Manga Plus at these times.

  • Pacific Time: 8 AM PT
  • Eastern Time: 11 AM ET
  • British Time: 4 PM BST
  • European Time: 5 PM CET
  • India Time: 8:30 PM IST
  • Australia Time: 12:30 AM ACST (September 19th)

One Piece Chapter 1060 spoilers

Chapter 1060 of One Piece is titled “Luffy’s Dream” and starts off with the news of Sabo killing the King Cobra of Arabasta. Meanwhile, Luffy is dumbstruck and doesn’t believe that Sabo can do such a thing. He continues, “the revolutionary army is against the world nobles, not the regular kings.”

Along with the news of the king’s assassination, the news of his daughter, Vivi, gone missing is revealed, which the crew doesn’t take lightly. Owing to this, Luffy wants to sail to Arabasta to find out what has happened and look for Vivi. Meanwhile, Zoro makes Luffy understand that he should put his faith in Vivi, as he once put in Ace. To trust her to make her way until she needs help; at that moment, the straw hats will be there to help.

As all this is going on, Luffy tells the crew about his dream and how it’s only possible when he becomes the king of pirates. Furthermore, we get to see each crew member react to Luffy’s dream. While Sanji, Nami, and Ussop are unimpressed, Franky, Brook, and Chopper are happy to have heard Luffy’s dream.

As we move forward in chapter 1060, it is revealed that the Navy HQ has intercepted a call from Sabo to Kamabakka Queendom. Moreover, the Navy HQ manages to extract his location; Sabo is in the Lulusia Kingdom. As Sabo’s location is discovered, we see him talking to Dragon. He reveals that he did not kill King Cobra, but he saw something unbelievable, as dark clouds gathered in the sky when he was in Mary Geoise (Marijoa).

“You heathens will regret this,” as the two converse, we see King Seki and his daughter threatening the citizens. Back to Sabo, “It happened in the throne room at Pangea Castle,” he says. Moreover, Sabo reveals that he saw someone sitting on the throne, which was supposed to be empty, just as he thought there was no king of the world.

Meanwhile, we see the Lulusia kingdom being covered with dark clouds, and in a few moments, the island is destroyed as some object falls on the island. At the same time, we see the Five Elders talking about Lulusia never being a country in the first place.

Interestingly, the straw hats find themselves in the middle of a sea storm after a few days after the incident at Lulusia. Amid the storm, a character pops out of nowhere. The character is Jewelry Bonnet, who is the lady at sea in kid form. Lastly, One Piece chapter 1060 ends where it is revealed that Jewelry Bonnet now has a bounty of 320 million berries.

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