Upcoming iPhone 16 Pro Series: Launch Date, Specs And Price

Image of the iPhone 16 Prop colors
Image: AppleTrack

The iPhone design has remained largely consistent, with the company making incremental changes to refine the user experience. However, a recent leak from AppleTrack has hinted at significant alterations in the upcoming iPhone 16 Pro series. As a result, here is everything you need to know about the upcoming iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max.

When will the iPhone 16 series launch?

In classic Apple fashion, the company plans to unveil the iPhone 16 series in September 2024. However, specific details regarding the launch date remain unclear.

Design and Display

Apple’s design for the back of the iPhone has remained relatively unchanged across the past few generations, featuring three camera cutouts and a flash module. It’s anticipated that the iPhone 16 Pro series will maintain a similar layout.

However, a major shift may occur in screen size, with both Pro models housing larger displays. Reports suggest that the iPhone 16 Pro and 16 Pro Max will boast 6.3-inch and 6.9-inch displays, respectively, marking a 0.2-inch increase for the models.

Image of screen and back of the iPhone 16 Pro
Image: AppleTrack

Moving to the front, despite ongoing reports about Apple’s efforts to reduce the size of the dynamic island, the technology wasn’t previously ready. However, all this is about to change since the company has reportedly managed to shrink the camera cutout by integrating the FaceID sensors into a smaller hole.

Arguably, the most surprising rumor involves the addition of a new button on the right-hand side. This button is speculated to be a camera shutter, allowing users to quickly capture photos or videos.

Image of the new button on iPhone 16 Pro
Image: AppleTrack


With Apple controlling its processors, iPhones have consistently delivered top-tier performance, whether for gaming or productivity. This trend will continue with the iPhone 16 Pro series, which will feature the latest Apple A18 Pro chip. However, specific details regarding performance enhancements remain undisclosed at this time.


Image of the camera module of the iPhone 16 Pro
Image: AppleTrack

While the iPhone 15 Pro Max showcased a significant leap in camera performance by introducing the new 5x telephoto camera, the standard 15 Pro was constrained to retain the 3x telephoto sensor due to size limitations. However, recent rumors suggest that the increased size of the Pro series will now enable Apple to include a 5x tetra prism telephoto camera on both models.

Furthermore, these models will incorporate a new 48MP UltraWide angle camera, effectively bridging the quality gap between the two lenses. However, the specifics regarding the primary sensor remain unclear.

Battery and Charging

The iPhone’s battery life experienced a decline last year, with the iPhone 15 Pro performing worse than its predecessor. Taking this into account, Apple plans to improve the battery life of the 16 Pro, increasing it from 3,274mAh to 3,355mAh. However, the charging speeds will remain the same at 27W for fast charging.

How much will the iPhone 16 series cost?

While the official pricing is under wraps, expectations suggest Apple will maintain a similar price structure for the iPhone 16 series. Anticipated prices are as follows: $799 for the iPhone 16, $899 for the iPhone 16 Plus, $999 for the iPhone 16 Pro, and $1,199 for the iPhone 16 Pro Max.

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