Nitrux 1.3.7 Linux Distro Released With Patch For Sudo Vulnerability

Following the monthly release, Nitrux founder Uri Herrera has announced a new version called Nitrux 1.3.7.

As usual, it comes with the latest software updates, bug fixes, performance improvements, and ready-to-use hardware support.

For those who don’t know, Nitrux is an Ubuntu-based Linux distribution. It features Calamares installer, NX Desktop, and NX Firewall built on top of the KDE Plasma 5 desktop environment and MauiKit Applications.

What’s New In Nitrux 1.3.7?

Nitrux 1.3.7
Nitrux 1.3.7

Starting with the core component, version 1.3.7 now ships with the latest Long-Term Support (LTS) and non-LTS kernel version from its repository, which includes 5.10.10 and 5.9.16, respectively.

Additionally, Nitrux 1.3.7 has updated KDE Plasma desktop to version 5.20.5, along with KDE Frameworks to v5.78.0, and KDE Application bundle to v20.12.1.

Another important enhancement that it has added is a new default application menu called Ditto menu, which replaces the previous application menu (NX Simplemenu).

Ditto menu in Nitrux 1.3.7
Ditto menu in Nitrux 1.3.7

Unlike the NX Simplemenu, the Ditto menu displays the applications in a single grid and across multiple pages by default, which you can also configure.

Furthermore, it has included two new Latte Dock layouts by default (nx-top-panel-2 and nx-bottom-panel-2) to make use of the new application menu and use the Window Buttons Applet plasmoid.

New Latte Dock layouts
New Latte Dock layouts

Most importantly, version 1.3.7 has also upgraded Sudo utility to its latest version 1.9.5-p2, which resolves the newly found vulnerability in the program.

Among other bug fixes, it includes the following:

  • The Regional Settings KCM does not display languages other than American English.
  • Time does not automatically adjust when selecting a timezone in System Settings.
  • Remove Nvidia X11 driver configuration and AppImage file download from postinst script.
  • No users are displayed and new users can’t be added using the Users KCM in System Settings.

Lastly, if you wish to get your hands on the latest Nitrux 1.3.7 Linux distro, download the ISO image from here.

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