Amazon Doesn’t Accept PayPal, Here’s How You Can Still Use It

How to use paypal on amazon

Being the biggest eCommerce company right now, there are a plethora of payment options users living in different countries can use while placing an order on Amazon. Still, some may find the checkout process troublesome as Amazon doesn’t support a few popular payment options.

Does Amazon accept PayPal?

The answer is No. It’s surprising that Amazon doesn’t offer support for such a well-known payment service that has been in existence for over two decades now.

But that’s not the end of the story. Paypal has put a workaround in place that makes your purchase hassle-free.

How to use PayPal while buying products on Amazon?

While the service may not work directly, you can get a PayPal Cash Card to make payments. It’s a regular debit card powered by MasterCard that you can easily add to your Amazon account.

The company also offers a virtual debit card known as PayPal Key, which is even easier to get if you already have an active account.

Another way you can create an Amazon PayPal friendship is by using the PayPal Business Debit MasterCard which is available to business users.

Other than making online payments, PayPal Cash Card can also be used to withdraw real cash from ATM machines. However, one downside could be that you can get the card only in the US. Also, you will need the PayPal Cash Plus account as well.

After getting the card, you can add it to your Amazon account just like any other card and buy the stuff you want without any hassle.

Why PayPal could be a good payment option?

Of all the digital payment options available on the internet, PayPal is seen in a different light. The Peter Thiel-founded company provides one-click payment comfort to users, which is a big plus point.

Also, the payment service has its reach in over 203 countries, making it a reliable option when it comes to making international payments and sending/receiving money from people abroad.

While Amazon doesn’t accept PayPal directly, the platform is available on various leading eCommerce sites like eBay.

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