Nintendo Labo: A DIY Kit That Turns Your Switch Into Cardboard Robot, Piano, And More

nintendo labo
It’s been almost a year since Nintendo Switch came into the market on March 3, 2017. The handheld gaming console didn’t have much problem in getting into the good books of the people.

Now, in order to keep things fun and interesting, the Japanese gaming company has come up with a new DIY project called Nintendo Labo. People use it to turn their Switch console and removable Joy-Con controllers into anything like a wearable robot suit, fishing rod, a piano, and the list goes on. Nintendo likes to call these structures “Toy-Con.”

Labo is announced in the form of two interactive DIY kits, namely, Variety Kit and Robot Kit. A Switch cartridge is shipped with each kit containing the instructions to build the Toy-Cons.

These aren’t lifeless structures and they can work using Switch’s technology and the shipped software. For instance, if you create a cardboard piano, the IR camera can sense the keys as you press them and play the sound through the console’s speakers.

Nintendo Labo kits will be available for purchase from April 20 in the US and April 27 in Europe. The Variety Kit will come with a price tag of $69.99 and the Robot Kit with $79.99.

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