First Look Of Updated Sentry Mode In Tesla Is Out: Far Better Than Before

Tesla Sentry Mode update

Tesla recently released an update for one of its advanced safety features, the Sentry Mode. Earlier, using this feature was a bit difficult for some owners. However, after the update, Tesla has resolved several issues related to the Sentry mode.

Twitter user @greentheonly leaked the information regarding the updated sentry mode on the social media platform. He tweeted a video in which recordings of the sentry mode are available directly on the screen. Additionally, the videos can only be viewed when you are in Parking Mode.

What Is Sentry Mode And How It Works?

Sentry Mode is an inbuilt surveillance system that uses vehicle cameras as well as surrounding cameras to record videos. It is a handy and amazing feature that Tesla has integrated into its electric vehicles; In the older version of sentry mode, it was a bit difficult to access the recorded clips.

Earlier, the user had to take the recordings to their computer in a USB drive, in order to view them.

And the only way to access the footage instantaneously was through a small Single Board Computer (SBC) called Roadie.

Once connected to the Tesla center console, the Roadie required a hotspot connection in order to play the recorded footage.

So you can see it wasn’t exactly a smooth process to view the sentry mode recordings. However, now you can see the recordings from all four cameras in real-time.

Tesla said in its press release that the user can now watch saved Dashcam clips or Sentry Mode directly from the Dashcam viewer.

To view the videos, one simply has to touch the Dashcam icon on the status bar and select ‘Launch Viewer’ while the car is in parking mode. Furthermore, if the car is in Drive mode, you can save the videos.

Apart from that, there are different camera views, and you can choose any one of them as a primary camera by simply selecting that thumbnail.

The updated Tesla sentry mode will help a ton of owners who earlier had difficulty accessing the recorded footage. I can’t wait to see how many sentry mode recordings become viral after this update.

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