Sony Launches World’s Fastest SD Card Till Date, “Write Speed 299 MB/Sec”

Sony World's Fastet SD card Sf-G

Short Bytes: Sony has just announced the world’s fastest SD cards with read/write speeds of 300 and 299 MB/s respectively. Known as SF-G Series, these Class 3 (UHS) and Class 10 (SD) cards can be used to record high-resolution 4K videos easily. The series comes in three storage options and will be available in March.

The Japanese electronics giant Sony has announced new ultra high-speed SD cards as the SF-G series. The special thing about the SF-G Series UHS-II SD Memory Card is it’s the world fastest SD card till date in 2017.  Last year, Samsung and SanDisk managed to launch a couple of world’s firsts in the SD card segment.

The SF-G series, based on the UHS-II interface, is available in three size options, 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB. These cards are temperature resistant, shock proof, x-ray proof, and can easily record 4K videos when used in DSLRs. Sony promises a read speed of 300 MB/s and writes speed of 299 MB/s for these cards which fall under the Class 10 (SD) and Class 3 (UHS) speed classes.

Sony says the SF-G Series UHS-II memory cards will be up for sale from next month.

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