Newton Mail App Returns For The 3rd Time In 3 Years

Newton Mail App Returns 2020

One of the most popular email apps, Newton, is back in the game for the third time. Previously, it was discontinued in 2018 and 2020. So, in other words, you can call it ‘The Undertaker’ of the app world.

Jokes aside, the story of Newton Mail is full of ups and downs. It was originally developed by India-based CloudMagic, which was later acquired by Andy Rubin’s Essential in 2018.

Unfortunately, Essential (and Newton) also shut down earlier this year after it failed to make a significant dent in the smartphone market, although its only smartphone PH-1 has always been in the limelight.

This time, the email app has been resurrected by two loyal fans from the new CloudMagic/Newton team: Newton CEO Maitrik Kataria and co-owner Justin Michelle. The duo has worked for several years in the software industry and now plan to take the “best professional email client” to a new level.

Kataria detailed their plans in a Medium blog post. He acknowledged that they’re not a big organization or a company backed by some venture capitalist but said they’re working on a contingency plan for Newton so it can survive for a long time.

The duo will focus on solving Newton’s many problems that include poor customer support, not properly understanding the user’s needs, and improving privacy and security even further.

In the next six months, they’ll analyze Newton’s codebase to fix issues and remove unnecessary stuff. The much-awaited feature, including dark mode, will be also added.

One of the USPs of Newton Mail is the cross-platform support; its apps are available for Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, and Chrome OS. For now, Newton Mail is available for an annual subscription fee of $50/year with a 14-day trial.

However, Kataria said that customers can use Newton for free for the next three months, and new users will get discounts on the subscription.

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