20 New Social Media Slangs Trending In 2024

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Social media is constantly evolving, as is the language people use on these platforms. Staying updated with these terms can make social media more engaging and help you join in on the latest trends. Check out this list of new and lesser-known social media slang terms for 2024 to see what’s trending now.

What does “FYP-swipe” mean on social media?

FYP-swipe means scrolling through the For You Page (FYP) to view a customized feed of videos personalized to your interests and engagement history. This allows you to discover new content easily.

Example: I’m addicted to FYP-swiping on TikTok; it’s like discovering a new video every swipe!

Doom Scrolling meaning in texting

Doom scrolling is the act of scrolling through bad news or negative social media posts that can make you feel worse.

Example: I’ve been doom-scrolling all morning and can’t seem to stop reading about all the bad news.

What do you mean by Gatekeeping on social media?

Gatekeeping on social media means controlling who can participate in groups or discussions based on personal rules or authority. This fresh slang often involves excluding people who don’t meet specific criteria or who have different opinions, which can make online spaces unwelcoming or exclusive.

Example: I tried to join the gaming group, but they started gatekeeping.

What’s the purpose of using ‘Highkey‘ in chat?

Highkey is used to express or emphasize something openly, often to show enthusiasm or assertiveness. It contrasts with “lowkey,” which implies something done discreetly or subtly.

Example: I highkey love this new song! Can’t stop listening to it.

What does “SoLoMo” mean on social media?

SoLoMo” stands for Social, Local, Mobile and refers to strategies or technologies that integrate social media, local services, and mobile devices.

Example: Have you tried that new restaurant downtown? It’s SoLoMo-friendly with great reviews.

Hat Tip meaning in social media

Hat Tip in social media is a way to acknowledge someone’s contribution, give credit, or express gratitude for sharing useful information or an insightful perspective.

Example: Hat tip to @UserB for the helpful article on digital marketing strategies!

What do you mean by Shook on social media?

Shook on social media refers to a state of being shocked, surprised, or emotionally affected by something. People often use this lesser-known slang to express a strong reaction to surprising news, impressive events, or unexpected developments.

Example: I just saw that plot twist in the movie! I’m Shook.

What does “Blow off steam” mean on social media?

Blow-off steam refers to the act of releasing accumulated emotions, usually negative ones like anger or frustration, in a constructive or cathartic manner. For instance, it can involve sharing one’s feelings, venting, or engaging in activities to relax and decompress. Additionally, this process helps individuals manage stress and maintain emotional balance.

Example: I had a really tough day at work. It’s time to hit the gym and blow off some steam.

What’s the purpose of using I dunno in chat?

I dunno is a casual way to indicate uncertainty or lack of knowledge in chat conversations. It’s often used when someone doesn’t have enough information to provide a definitive answer or opinion on a topic.

Example: I dunno; the weather has been unpredictable lately.

Keep Your Cool meaning in social media

“Keep your cool” in social media means to remain calm and composed, especially in challenging or stressful situations. This 2024 slang suggests maintaining a positive and rational demeanor despite any provocation or difficulties encountered online.

Example: I try to keep my cool and not let negative comments get to me.

What does “Lit” mean

Lit means something that is exciting, impressive, or very enjoyable. People often use it to describe events, experiences, or things that are vibrant and full of energy.

Example: It was lit! The band played all their best songs, and the crowd was amazing.

What’s the purpose of using Periodt in chat?

Periodt” is a chat word used to emphasize a statement as final, absolute, or non-negotiable. People often add it at the end of a sentence to convey strong agreement or conviction.

Example: “Periodt! She always knows how to slay.

Rizz meaning in social media slang

Rizz is a slang term used on social media to refer to something that is exceptionally charming, appealing, or attractive. It implies that something possesses a quality that stands out positively.

Example: Wow, that dress is Rizz charming!

What does “Situationship” mean

Situationship refers to a relationship that lacks clear boundaries or commitment and is often characterized by uncertainty about its future. Furthermore, this trending 2024 slang describes a dynamic that isn’t defined as a friendship or a romantic relationship.

Example: We enjoy each other’s company, but we’re not officially dating; it’s just a Situationship.

What do you mean by Totes on social media slang?

Totes on social media are slang abbreviations of “totally.” People use it to express complete agreement or affirmation. Additionally, it serves as a casual way to indicate strong approval or confirmation of something.

Example: Totes! I loved every minute of it.

What’s the purpose of using Vanilla in chat?

Vanilla in chat is used to describe something plain, basic, or ordinary, often in a neutral or slightly negative way. It can also express disappointment or dissatisfaction with something that lacks excitement or originality.

Example: Not much is happening, just the usual music and snacks, it was vanilla.

Wallflower meaning in social media

Wallflower in social media refers to someone who observes or participates in online interactions or discussions without actively drawing attention to themselves. They may prefer to remain in the background rather than prominently involve themselves.

Example: She’s a bit of a wallflower and prefers to read rather than join the conversation.

What does Zone Out mean on social media?

Zone out means to become distracted or lose focus on what’s happening in a conversation or online interaction. It can happen when someone becomes bored or disinterested in the discussion.

Example: Sorry, I totally zoned out. Could you repeat that?

What’s the purpose of using Swipe Daze in chat?

Swipe-daze is a slang term for the state of mind where one loses track of time or becomes mentally fatigued due to continuous scrolling or swiping. It refers to feeling overwhelmed or disoriented after spending a significant amount of time swiping through content on a social media feed or dating app. 

Example: After an hour on TikTok, I was in a total swipe daze and realized I’d lost track of time.

What does “Ghost-fame” mean

“Ghost-fame” means becoming briefly famous online because of something viral, like a popular post or meme, but then being forgotten soon after. It’s like having a moment of fame that doesn’t last long.

Example: Yeah, but it’s ghost-fame. People will forget about it in a few days.

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