Elon Musk’s SpaceX Gets Approval Deploying 7000+ Internet Satellites

SpaceX_World's first tourist to Moon

Elon Musk’s Space Exploration Technologies Corp. (SpaceX) has gained approval by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to deploy more than 7,000 satellites for the deliverance of high-speed Internet in the space.

The new satellites will be in addition to SpaceX’s existing ones (which includes a set of around 4,000 satellites) already launched into the sky, under the company’s Starlink program launched in February.

FCC Chairman, Ajit Pai said, “I’m excited to see what these services might promise and what these proposed constellations have to offer. Our approach to these applications reflects this commission’s fundamental approach to encourage the private sector to invest and to innovate and allow market forces to deliver value to American consumers.”

To recall, there are currently 1,886 other satellites orbiting around Earth in August, according to a report by the Union of Concerned Scientists policy group.

In addition to this, the FCC is concerned about the orbital debris issue and plans to further demonstrate spacecraft to avoid such collision issues and other space-related matters.

It’s worth noting that around 5,00,000 pieces of debris were estimated to be present in orbit in 2012. Furthermore, it is suggested that the FCC will soon introduce more rules for the satellite industry to avoid orbital debris.

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