Netflix’s Carter Receives A Kick-Ass Trailer Ahead Of Its Premiere

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Image: Netflix

Netflix has used a significant amount of local production to establish itself as the dominant streaming platform in South Korea. Its Korean content has also done well in international markets, with the 2021 series Squid Game being a standout. It was also able to acquire a number of other Korean films that were slated for theatrical release but were disrupted by COVID issues.

Netflix has now released a high-octane trailer for ‘Carter. Carter will mark the first Korean original movie of the second half of the year. It will combine the adrenaline rushes of Jason Bourne and Mission: Impossible with a Korean flair.

Netflix’s Carter gets a trailer

According to variety, the action takes place two months after a deadly pandemic breaks out in the demilitarised zone between the two Koreas. The outbreak has already wreaked havoc in the United States and North Korea. And the titular agent must put his life in danger while attempting to discover his true identity.

Agent Carter wakes up with no memory of his previous life. His head is a bomb, and there is an unknown voice giving him orders for a special mission. The trailer shows intense physical combat, a “North by Northwest”-style chase through the countryside, and daredevil airplane stunts.

The official synopsis of the show read:

When agent Carter (Joo Won) wakes up without his memories, he realizes there’s something new in their place: a woman’s voice from a device embedded in his ears. He starts listening to her commands while running from the CIA, the North Korean Coup, and a group of infected people.

What is more difficult to understand from the slickly edited trailer is that the film is marketed as a one-scene, one-cut actioner in the style of “1917” [which was edited] or drama film “The Russian Ark.”

Directed by Jung Byung-Gil, Joo Won stars as the eponymous character. The film is set to be released on August 5, 2022, on Netflix.

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