Will We Get Windows 10X RTM Before The End Of 2020?

Windows 10X RTM Expected December 2020

Microsoft’s upcoming modular OS, named Windows 10X, has already faced many delays. The company announced earlier this year that the OS would first arrive for single-screen devices, in contrast to the original plan. Windows 10X for dual-screen devices has been pushed back to 2022.

Speaking of Windows 10X for single-screen devices, it was known that the much-awaited OS would arrive next year sometime around the spring season. Now, according to last week’s tweet by Windows Central’s Zac Bowden, Microsoft may award Windows 10X RTM status as early as December 2020.

Getting the RTM label usually means that a product is in the final stage of development and ready to be delivered. However, it’s less likely that we’ll see an official release immediately, at least before Spring 2021. Also, there is no word on when the RTM build will arrive and it remains to be known if Microsoft will seek external user feedback for the modular OS.

One thing to note is that the initial version of Windows 10X RTM is going to arrive without the support of Win32 apps. Microsoft was previously counting on VAIL virtualization technology to add Win32 app support, but support for VAIL was reportedly removed earlier this year owing to performance issues.

It’s suggested that Microsoft might offer cloud-powered legacy app support on Windows 10X until it manages to generate desired performance figures.

Windows 10X will arrive some day or the other but you can give it a try right now by installing the Windows 10X emulator on your device.

(via Windows Latest)

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