Elon Musk: Computers Will Outshine Humans “In Every Single Way”

Elon musk about AI
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With technology advancing with time (each day to be precise), Elon Musk shows trust in it and suggests that computers will soon become better than humans. He himself expressed his views during the World Artificial Intelligence Conference in Shanghai.

Musk’s views on computers and AI

Musk clearly feels that technology will take over humans and stated, “We will be far, far surpassed in every single way. I guarantee it.”

Further discussing the capabilities of technology, Musk said that technology’s evolution is way faster than we can even think of.

The discussion, which took place between Musk and Alibaba CEO Jack Ma, involved various aspects of technology such as AI and computers, with AI being their primary concern.

As AI was the focal point of Musk and Ma’s discussion, Musk threw light on how AI is able to beat humans in games such as Chess and the Chinese board game of Go.

Ma disagrees!

While Musk is of the opinion that technology, more specifically AI has the ability way beyond us humans and we should consider ourselves as “dumb,” Jack Ma has an opposite view on this and doesn’t think technology or AI can ever surpass human beings. 

In his opinion, he has never heard of this in his entire life and thinks that it is “impossible.” A further contradiction of opinions surfaced when Ma suggested that games such as Chess and Go are meant to be played by humans. However, he would be “happy to see two computers fight each other.”

Evidently, Musk and Ma had different opinions, with the former being all in for technology and the latter standing by the power of humans.

The disagreement continues

Despite his opposition to Musk’s view, Ma thinks that AI will help generate more jobs and will allow humans to work less, which will be a good thing for them. Yet again, Musk contradicted by saying that AI would make jobs pointless.

While both tech leaders have contrasting opinions on technology, their opinions do have a point, given that technology has both pros and cons. And the way technology has taken a toll on us, it could possibly prove Musk’s point in the near future.

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