Apex Legends Might Soon Get The First ‘Light Ammo’ LMG Called “Dragon”

According To The Leaks, Apex Legends Could Get A New Light LMG Called Dragon

Apex Legends is full of exciting content that flaunts unique playable legends and futuristic guns. This first-person free-to-play battle royale game never ceases to amaze the players with new updates and additions. And speaking of additions, a leakster named Biast12 revealed a new gun in a tweet; the Dragon LMG.

Some of you must be wondering what’s unique about a gun being added to the game; since apex already has lots of good weapons? Let me tell you, the Dragon LMG in Apex Legends will not be like other LMGs.

More on the Dragon LMG

The leakster revealed on April 12 that currently, there are three weapons in development in Apex Legends; one of them is an LMG. Now, ever since Apex Legends came out, we’ve only seen three LMGs in-game, two of which use energy ammo alongside one that uses heavy ammo.

However, currently, only six guns use light ammo, and not one of them is an LMG. SMGs and pistols are usually seen using light ammunition. Furthermore, it’s not often in any game that we see an LMG using light rounds, as these heavy weapons have always consumed heavy rounds.

Now, the supposed gun in development, the “Dragon,” would have an insane fire rate if ever sees the light of the day and uses light rounds as suggested. On the other hand, no more details are available on the Dragon LMG. There are no stats to measure how powerful the gun would be or how its recoil pattern would look like.

Honestly, we have our suspicions on the gun making it to the final release. Since the gun has a unique model already, it’s safe to assume that it might be coming in Season 9 or near future updates. However, there are good chances that Dragon LMG might also get scrapped. All things considered, we’ll just have to wait and see what the developers have in store.

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