Revolt RV 400 Electric Motorcycle Launched: Specs, Price, Preview

Revolt RV 400 Electric Motorcycle

The Revolt RV 400 Electric motorcycle has been launched in India with a unique ownership model. Users will be able to completely own the Revolt RV 400 for Rs. 3,999/month for 37 months (Rs 1,48,000).

This model is different from a loan or a lease in which the user has no ownership over their motorcycle. If users wish to own the base model of the Revolt RV 400, then it is also available at Rs 3,499/month for 37 months (Rs 1.30 lakh)

Alongside RV 400, Revolt RV 300 was also launched at a monthly ownership price of Rs. 2,999/month for 37 months (Rs. 1.11 lakh). Revolt has confirmed that a one-time payment option will also become available in the near future.

Revolt RV 400 Electric Motorcycle Specs, Features and Details

Revolt RV 400 Electric Motorcycle Specs

The Specs of the Revolt RV 400 are as follows:

Revolt RV 400 Tech Specs
Torque 170 Nm
Top Speed 85 km/h (Electronically limited)
Battery Range 156 km ARAI certified

Revolt RV 400 didn’t mention the horsepower of the electric bike, as it is the same case with a number of motorcycle manufacturers nowadays. In terms of equipment, the Revolt RV 400 is powered by a 3.24 kWh battery pack which can provide a maximum range of 156 km by keeping a capped top speed of 85 km/h.

There are three riding modes in Revolt RV 400 and the fastest of them is the Eco Mode, which allows the electric bike to have a maximum speed of 85 km/h. Revolt RV 400 also has a completely unrestricted ‘Nitro Mode’ which the company will launch later in the future.

The Revolt RV 400 features 4G LTE connectivity that will allow users to start their motorcycle simply using their voice. This voice-enabled start feature is provided by Google. In order to start the Revolt RV 400 with your voice, you’ll have to purchase a special official Bluetooth headset from the company and say the phrase ‘Revolt Start’ in the mic.

Revolt RV 400 Electric Motorcycle Price

Revolt RV 400 electric bike comes with several features like Geo-fencing, satellite navigation, real-time motorcycle diagnostics and a lot more. RV 400 is electric and produces no sound while riding, that’s why the company has provided artificial exhaust sounds via speakers. There are four sound options as well.

Revolt is currently providing several ways to charge your motorcycle. The user can

  • Charge the battery at home
  • Have the battery delivered on your doorsteps
  • replace the drained battery in an Official Revolt Zone with a charged one

Many of these features are available via the official Revolt App. In terms of equipment, the Revolt RV 400 sits on a single cradle frame with a bolted-on subframe and the entire skeleton sits on alloy wheels using upside-down forks (USD forks) at the front and a mono-shock suspension at the rear. Revolt RV 400 has an aluminum swingarm to reduce the overall weight of the bike.

Bringing the Revolt electric bike to a halt are two disc brakes, one located at the front and the other at the rear. The bike has no Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), which was made mandatory by the Indian Government in every vehicle of this size. However, the Revolt RV 400 does have a Combined braking system (CBS) and Regenerative Braking technology.

Regenerative braking feeds the power generated by the disc brakes into the battery, thus increasing its charge.

Revolt RV 300 Specs And Details

Revolt RV 400 Electric RV 300

Revolt also launched the RV 300, a smaller version of the RV 400. It has a 1.5 kW motor drawing power from a smaller 2.7 kWh battery pack. Revolt RV 300 uses similar equipment like the aluminum swingarm, USD and mono-shock suspension, etc.

The top speed of the Revolt RV 300 is limited to 65 km/h, which provides the bike with a range between 80-150 km.

Other features that are common across all Revolt motorcycles include:

  • IP67 Rating that enables the bike to be ridden in water clogged areas
  • Revolt Smartkey with Lock, Unlock, Remote Start and locate my bike feature
  • Adjustable footpegs with two riding stance Sports and Cruise

My Revolt Plan And Revolt Unlimited

As previously mentioned, Revolt will allow users to own either RV 400 or RV 300 on a monthly payment basis. The program would provide full ownership of the bike to the user, unlike the loan and lease plan.

Revolt is also offering free unlimited service to customers’ motorcycles. The RV 400 and the RV 300 have a 10,000 Km service interval. The parts on both the motorcycles will be replaced free of cost including brake pads and one set of tires in 3 years.

The battery of the Revolt RV 400 has an unlimited warranty or 1,50,000 km of warranty. The pre-bookings for Revolt RV 400 are currently online either on Amazon or on the official website of Revolt Motors.

Should You Buy Revolt RV 400?

Should You Buy Electric Bike In India

From up close, the Revolt RV 400 looks quite small. The tank is quite thin and narrow and the rider sits similar to how he/she would on a sports naked bike.

The build quality of the Revolt RV 400 isn’t great even by the manufacturing standard of Indian motorcycles. The plastic used near the edges and at the far end of the tank looks and feels flimsy.

The instrument cluster looks great, but the buttons feel quite fragile.

Overall with a range of just 156 km, the Revolt RV 400 could be used in a city if you can manage to charge the bike every other day. We don’t yet have our hands on the review unit, thus we can’t comment on the ride quality of the Revolt RV 400.

The Revolt RV 400 cannot be your primary daily driver, but it could be your secondary machine that you can use to hop around town. 156 km of battery range is a big let down for me because after investing more than Rs. 1 lakh in any bike I expect to take it on long tours.

However, I just can’t do the same with Revolt RV 400.

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