The Muppet Christmas Carol Uncut Coming to Disney+ For 30th Anniversary

The Muppets Christmas Carol
Image: Disney+

The Muppet Christmas Carol debuted in 1992 and quickly became a holiday classic. Thanks to Michael Caine’s straight and dramatic portrayal as Scrooge among all the Muppet mayhem. While the film is already excellent, there was one song that had never been heard.

When Caine’s Scrooge explores his past, the song ‘When Love Is Gone’ is sung by his lost girlfriend Belle, played by Meredith Braun. As a major part of Scrooge’s journey, it is unclear why the song was deleted from the film. Fans will now be able to watch the whole restored version on Disney+ beginning this December.

A restored version of The Muppets Christmas Carol is coming your way

Disney+ announced the release of a completely restored version of The Muppets Christmas Carol at the D23 Expo’s Muppets Christmas Carol 30th Anniversary Panel (via Collider). The revised version will be available on Disney+ on December 11.

It will include a brand-new song titled “When Love Is Gone,” which was deleted from the theatrical version of the film. However, it’s unclear whether the repaired version will be available in 4K or a lesser resolution.

In addition to this new Muppet content, fans of Jim Henson will also be able to enjoy the puppeteer’s first show in a new book. The book named Sam and Friends: The Story of Jim Henson’s First Television Show is set to be released on September 24th. The book will include scripts, behind-the-scenes shots, and numerous never-before-seen images from the Henson Archives.

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