Google Photos Gets The Biggest ‘ Memories’ Update This Year!

Google Photos Gets The Biggest ' Memories' Update In Years!
Image: Google

Google released the ‘Memories’ back in 2019. It used AI to automatically create a collection of similar photos or videos and group them into a memory. Google explained that if the feature found images with things like shape or color, it would automatically create memories within the app for the user.

Memories are a great way to relive past experiences without having to create a collection of photos stored in the app. Today, Google announced that the Photos app will get a new and improved version of Memories. It will include new memory designs, redesigned video memories, and memory sharing. In addition, it will also offer a cool-new collage creator feature within the app.

What’s new in Google Photos Memories?

The primary focus of this update is video memories. Google Photos will now include more videos in the automatically generated memories. To do so, it will trim the best moments from videos and use them to create new memories.

Users will also be able to share memories with others using the Photos app or via a link. The memories that you share will live in a separate tab. The cinematic effect is also getting an overhaul. The app will apply instrumental music to the memories so that you get an immersive experience while strolling down memory lane.

Only Android users will be able to share memories for now, but the feature will arrive on iOS and the web a little later. Apart from that, you can now create collages and heavily customize them. It is a full-fledged collage editor that lives inside the app. You can add images to a collage frame and adjust their size in the collage.

Google Photos Memories
Image: Google

Basic yet useful image editing features are available in the collage app. You can apply color filters, alter contrast and brightness, and do much more to create the perfect collage using photos. Google has also added a set of new backgrounds in collaboration with artists like Lisa Congdon and Shantell Martin. You can check for Photos app updates in the Play Store app and install them to try these new features.

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