Most Viewed Video On Coronavirus Is From India & It’s Full Of Fake News

Coronavirus video fake news India

Coronavirus, one of the most lethal infections, has already affected a large number of people. Various YouTube channels and media networks are spreading the right word about Coronavirus by creating videos about its symptoms and prevention to aware masses

However, the most viewed YouTube video about Coronavirus belongs to an Indian channel named “Wonderful Secrets of the World“. The number of subscribers of the channel is hidden, but around eight videos from the channel have more than a million views on each. The Coronavirus-related video has more than 13 million views and about 390,000 likes.

The video is full of hoaxes related to Coronavirus and is playing a significant role in spreading misconceptions about the infection. This is not the only video spreading incorrect information, a lot of YouTube videos are spreading hoaxes related to Coronavirus.

The YouTube video says that Coronavirus has spread in several Indian states, which is, of course, a hoax. The video also describes how anyone can get in contact with Coronavirus infection by eating packaged food, icecreams, milk, etc.

As per a report, a man in southeast India killed himself after he assumed that he has been infected with Coronavirus. Later, doctors found out that the man had a urinary tract infection. His son said to local media that his father used to watch a lot of YouTube videos on Coronavirus. The man told all the villagers and his family to stay away, or they will also get infected.

WhatsApp Forwards: Another Medium Of Fake News

WhatsApp forwards are also playing a major role in spreading hoaxes related to Coronavirus. One of the WhatsApp forwards said that dry throat is one of the most visible symptoms of Coronavirus and you must “keep your throat moist“. The forward also asked people to avoid fried and spicy foods.

Another WhatsApp forward in India claimed that homeopathic medicine for Coronavirus had been created in India. The forward also mentions the name of the medication and the dosage procedure.

What’s the way out?

YouTube has no algorithm to identify fake news or hoaxes. It is a difficult task to do so as there are a lot of videos on YouTube in regional languages. All the users are suggested to keep a check that they are not involved in spreading any hoaxes via a YouTube video or WhatsApp forward as everything you read on internet is not true.

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