More Than Half Tech Workers Work In ‘Toxic’ Environment: Survey

toxic work evironment at tech companies
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Over half the employees in tech domain find their work culture toxic. According to a survey conducted by Blind, an anonymous work talk app, about 52 percent of participants aren’t happy with their work environment. (Source: WFAA)

Even though several tech companies take deliberate steps to address the issues of bad behavior in work environment, the results speak otherwise.

Intel got the bottommost position with the least healthy work environment voted by 48.5 percent of its employees. Intel is preceded by Amazon with 46.5 percent and eBay with 44.5 percent of staffers who feel the same about their employers.

Only 17.3 percent of LinkedIn’s employees agreed with the above statement followed by Google at 23.7 percent, and Uber at 29.7 percent. Meanwhile, Facebook ranked seventh with 35.23 percent.

These results aren’t surprising given that big tech companies like Google have also seen massive outrage of employees. Last month, 20,000 Google employees walked off their jobs to protest against the work environment.

It caused CEO Sundar Pichai to take steps to bring a cease to forced arbitration in cases of sexual misconduct and implement transparency and mandatory sexual harassment training for everyone.

Following similar footsteps, Facebook also announced that it would end forced arbitration policy in sexual harassment cases at work and other critical decisions taken by the management.

Blind emphasized that a toxic work environment where sexual misconduct, discrimination or poor management are tolerated, takes a toll on health and productivity of employees.

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