Google Engineers Organizing “Women’s Walk” Walkout Over Sexual Misconduct


On Thursday, The New York Times reported the alleged sexual misconduct of Android creator Andy Rubin while he was working at Google. The story was also supported by the similar behavior of other top executives at the company. Instead of taking some concrete step to curb such behavior, Google gave Rubin a reported $90 billion exit package.

In response to this protection of executives (read: men in power), a group of more than 200 engineers at Google is organizing a company-wide “women’s walk” walkout.

As reported by BuzzFeed News, on Thursday itself, Google executives held a meeting and attempted to explain the incident and apologize to the employees. Following that, over the weekend, a group of women engineers began rooting for a post on an internal forum that suggested a walkout later this week.

An anonymous Google employee was quoted saying that there’s “a pattern of powerful men getting away with awful behavior towards women at Google.”

The report also mentions employees expressing their discomfort with the current executives like the co-founder Sergey Brin, Senior Vice President of Corporate Development David Drummond, and Google X director Richard DeVaul. All of these men in powerful positions have had their share of controversial relationship with female employees in the past.

On the other hand, Andy Rubin has refuted the claims made in the original report. “Specifically, I never coerced a woman to have sex in a hotel room. These false allegations are part of a smear campaign,” he tweeted.

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