Microsoft’s Accidentally Lists Lumia 520 Phone for $8 Million Price

nadella phone
nadella phone

lumia 520- 8 millionShort Bytes: As a result of an incorrect listing online, Lumia 520 phone was being sold at a price of $8 million on Walmart. Now the mistake has been corrected and it’s selling at a regular price. Read more to know how this happened.

Microsoft’s Lumia 520 is company’s most successful Windows Phone in the market and it is best-seller in multiple countries across the world. This 4-inch mid-range phone from the company costs around $120-$140 on various online websites.

But, mistakes happen and blunders are unavoidable. After forcing the Windows 7 users to download Windows 10 (and apologizing), Microsoft accidentally listed the Lumia 520 smartphone for $7,989,112.50 i.e. almost $8 million.

This price is ten thousand the price of a brand new iPhone 6S. With features of a modest 5-megapixel camera, 512MB RAM and a 1,430mAh battery, this $8 million deal doesn’t sound much enthusiastic.

lumia 520- 8 million

Around the launch of Lumia 520, Ferrari launched the LaFerrari, a great piece of mechanical muscle with a price $1 million. Compared to this beauty, once again Microsoft fails to impress with its $8 million Lumia 520 phone.

Well, this price listing was obviously a mistake and it has been corrected. If you visit the Walmart website, it tells that Lumia 520 costs between $79.89 and $112.50. This listing was incorrectly formatted, that resulted in $7,989,112.50 price.

Source: BI

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