This “Windows XP 2018 Edition” Concept Brings Back Golden Days In A Modern Attire

Windows XP 2018 Edition Concept 2

It has been years since Microsoft pulled support for Windows XP. But no doubt the defunct operating system can make many people nostalgic even in 2018. That’s the reason innovative minds are always working to make sure XP doesn’t go away from our memories.

In the past, we have seen efforts like Windows XP running on iPhone 7, a powerful PC running XP being overclocked to 7GHz, and more. Now, a concept designer Kamer Kaan Avdan has come up with his new creation: Windows XP 2018 edition.

Avdan has made efforts to fuse the old gold with the new design elements and components that we find the recent Windows versions.

It includes different things like transparency effects, Cortana, Microsoft Edge, Timeline, redesigned File Explorer and Start Menu, and more. You also get to see Rover, the search dog in Windows XP.

Now, if you’re curious enough to check it out, here is the video:

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