Microsoft Surface Pro 9 Vs. Surface Pro 8: Alder Lake Makes A Difference!

surface pro 9
Image: Microsoft.

Microsoft just unveiled this year’s refresh of the Surface Pro lineup at its hardware event. Everyone anticipated seeing the new Surface Pro 9 at the tech giant’s surface event, and it’s finally here. With new performance upgrades, the newest Surface machine does seem better on paper, but is it really?

While several Surface Pro 9 leaks surfaced on the internet days before its launch, they were not all that wrong. Compared to its predecessor, the Surface Pro 8, Microsoft’s latest “Pro” 2-in-1 machine is more of a refresh than an overhaul. Likewise, here are all the changes that the Pro 9 brings this year.

Surface Pro 9 vs. Surface Pro 8 specifications

Here’s a quick overview of the hardware specifications of both devices so you can have a broader judgment.

SpecificationsSurface Pro 9Surface Pro 8
Display Size13-inches with narrow bezels13-inches with narrow bezels
Display ResolutionDynamic refresh rate – 60Hz, 90Hz, 120Hz with Surface Slim 2 Pen (Microsoft G6 Processor)Dynamic refresh rate – 60Hz, 90Hz, 120Hz with Surface Slim 2 Pen (Microsoft G6 Processor)
Processor, Graphics, Storage, RAM12th Gen Intel Processors, up to 32GB RAM11th Gen Intel Processors, up to 32GB RAM
BuildMagnesium alloy chassis
Surface Pro 9 (Intel/Wifi) weight: 1.94 lb (879 g)
Surface Pro 9 (SQ® 3/5G) weight: 1.95 lb (883 g)
Magnesium alloy chassis

Weight: 1.96 lb (891 g)
Battery19 hours of battery with 5G16 hours of battery
I/O2x Thunderbolt 4 ports2x Thunderbolt 4 ports
OSWindows 11Windows 11
Pricing and Availability$999.99 for the base variant$1099 for the base variant

The Pro 9 is good, but should you upgrade?

Most of the Surface Pro 9’s upgrades are display-centric (apart from the 5G add-on, if you care) and widely welcome. Microsoft narrowed the bezels further, giving the Pro 9 a slightly larger display while retaining the same footprint. However, since the Surface Pro is an excellent device for content creators, there should have been a 4K variant that everyone would’ve appreciated.

Moreover, Microsoft went all-in to housing the new Surface Pro 9 variant with 5G powered by a new Microsoft SQ3 chip made by Qualcomm. Hence, connectivity on this Pro 9 variant is also a worthy upgrade over the Pro 8. In the end, we now have two surface variants, and you can choose from Intel or ARM options.

While Microsoft loves glorifying the Surface Pro, this year’s upgrade should be a decent purchase for new buyers. However, you might want to pass this one if you already have a Surface Pro 8.

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