Microsoft Planning To Separate Windows Search From Cortana in 19H1 Update

Cortana on Windows 10

It seems like Microsoft Windows 19H1 feature update will bundle a lot more than we initially anticipated. Reportedly, 19H1, scheduled to release in April 2019, will separate Windows search from Cortana.

As in the Windows 10 October Update 2019, Windows only allows you to add Cortana icon on the taskbar but doesn’t separate it from the Windows search. According to numerous tweets from user Albatross, known for giving insightful information about Windows, the next feature update will separate Cortana and Windows Search, making it easy for Windows users to use the Windows Search Index.

Since the release of Windows 10, users have been criticizing Microsoft for making Cortana part of Windows search. This is mainly because Cortana gets in the way while searching for files and folders. So it’s a good news for those who get annoyed by the Cortana pop-ups in the Windows search.

The tweets don’t mention whether you will finally be able to disable Cortana or not, but if it does happen, Windows 19H1 would likely become an anticipated feature update of all.

Reportedly, Cortana is also working a Cortana feature called “Conversation Canvas.” Albatross says that Cortana will move from the taskbar flyout panel to a conversation canvas UI.

Microsoft hasn’t confirmed on any of these features, but we are likely to see some more details about the new Cortana features in coming days.

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