Arduino-powered Lock Automatically Locks The Door When You Open Incognito Mode


arduino lock doorShort Bytes: Mike, the CEO of the Useless Duck Company, has created an Arduino-powered door lock which locks the door automatically when you open an incognito window in your web browser. In a YouTube video, Mike shows how this awesome tech works.

We always work hard to maintain privacy during our alone time when our family members aren’t roaming around in the house. Incognito mode serves the best to help us by eliminating any traces of our alone time. Sometimes, we just forget to lock the door being completely unaware of the embarrassing situation about to knock in the middle of the show.

Here is an Arduino-powered door lock meant to save us from those scenarios. The door lock is linked to a computer-connected Arduino board through a servo which does the job of locking the door as soon as you open the incognito mode in your web browser. Sounds like quite an ample amount of added security at your disposal.

The automated door lock is designed by Mike who is the CEO of the Useless Duck Company. Well, his inventions aren’t useless in any sense.

In the video, Mike gives the demonstration of his self-made Arduino-powered door lock. Also, the door swiftly unlocks as soon as you quit the incognito window.

Mike’s invention comes handy when you want to buy surprises for your girlfriend or if you want to do some ‘research work’ on the internet. He plans to build an easy-to-use variant of his Arduino-powered lock.

Check out Mike’s other tech inventions on his YouTube channel.

Watch the video and see it yourself:

What do you think about this Arduino-powered lock? Tell us in the comments below.

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Aditya Tiwari

Aditya Tiwari

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