Microsoft Is Turning Edge Into A Browser For Gamers

Microsoft Is Turning Edge Into A Browser For Gamers
Image: Microsoft

Microsoft Edge will get new gaming services that will roll out today. It will help avid gamers discover, learn, watch and play games directly from the browser on their PC. Microsoft is all in for gaming and even the Edge browser will now reflect the company’s strong inclination toward gaming.

Microsoft claims that it is building a gaming platform for 20 years to come and that the Microsoft Edge browser is the best browser for gamers. We didn’t say it.

Microsoft Edge Gaming Services: All You Need To Know

Microsoft Edge browser will sport a section dedicated to gaming. Once you open the browser’s homepage, you can go to the navigation bar and then select the gaming header there. The new section will inform you about all the stuff happening in the gaming industry.

It will include stories like news, game guides, live streams, game highlights, tournaments, and upcoming and newly released games. If you connect your Xbox account to the browser, you can easily access your Xbox Cloud Gaming library.

Image: Microsoft

Microsoft is one of the few early adopters of cloud gaming and they are really pushing for the game streaming to become popular. If you own an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership, you can play any of your favorite games using the Edge browser.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription is currently available at a discounted price of $1 for the first month with the next two months free. You can play all the games listed below without paying anything extra.

Moreover, there will be some significant improvement in the game visuals when you use the Edge browser for cloud gaming. It will come with a new feature called Clarity Boost which is a spatial upscaling enhancement. So, you will be able to enjoy console game streaming with increased clarity.

One more improvement is the economized usage of system resources, once you launch a PC game on Windows. The browser will cut back its resource usage and allow you to play games without any FPS drops. It will appear as a new option in the Efficiency mode feature in the Edge browser.

You can also play basic Microsoft games like solitaire in the browser. Just head over to the settings menu and click on the Games option. However, these games need an internet connection to work.

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