Apple Confirms iCloud Mail Is Down, But Not For Everyone

iCloud Mail down
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iCloud Mail users are facing login issues with the app today. While Downdetector has recorded over a 1000 complaints so far, Apple has also confirmed the issue now. Apple’s Support System status says “Some users are affected” and that “Users may be unable to access iCloud mail.”

Some users took to Twitter to ask about the issue, only to find out that iCloud Mail is facing an outage of sorts.

What To Do If iCloud Mail Is Down?

Firstly, Apple says that the issue is limited to some users so far. So it is possible that you might not face any problem with your ID. However, if you’re facing a login problem with iCloud Mail, there’s nothing you can really do about it.

Downdetector numbers suggest that out of over 1000 complaints, 54% are email related and 51% are login related. So if you’re using it, we’d suggest double-checking whether it is actually working for you. Before today, some users registered complaints about the service being down on 27 May, 21 June, and the most recent one on 25 June.

It is usually working fine and there’s also a chance that the outage is limited to some users only. At the time of writing this story, my iCloud mail was working fine on my iPhone as well as my MacBook. So if it is down for you, check again after some time, or keep a tab on the Apple system status page here. You’ll know when the service is back online.

Apple has also added some new bells and whistles to its mail app with the coming iOS updates. You can read all about the new iOS privacy features here.

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