This Mechanical Marvel Can Lay Down A Road On Any Surface

FAUN Trackway System Road Maker

A vehicle runs best on a road, but a FAUN Trackway vehicle runs best when laying one down. Yes, you read that right. A vehicle equipped with the FAUN Trackway system can roll out a road-like surface for other wheeled vehicles.

For those double-guessing this trackway system’s utility, it’s important to understand how big of a difference-maker a sturdy road is. Although many places have well-built roads now, it’s still a luxury in certain areas. In such cases, the FAUN Trackway system makes it easier for vehicles to tread on difficult terrains by laying down a makeshift but quality road-like path.

FAUN Trackway: Sturdy, Versatile, And Portable

These FAUN Trackway roads can stay put on a variety of surfaces, whether it be marshy lands or snow-covered ground. This is down to the high traction of the aluminum panels that constitute the track. Moreover, an interlocking mechanism keeps the series of panels together.

An ingenious tongue-and-groove joint lays down the track on the ground. This joint design makes it possible to easily roll back the track once it has served its purpose.

Some FAUN Trackway models can support the weight of even the heaviest vehicles, say tanks for instance. This is a reason the firm also caters to certain military clients among others. Besides that, it serves construction, forestry, mining, and oil & gas departments as part of its Commercially Off The Shelf (COTS) product range.

This system isn’t just for land vehicles as certain models are designed for air and water transport as well. For jets, helicopters, and UAVs, FAUN Trackway provides landing mats. These mats help the aircraft descend impromptu without waiting for a special landing zone such as a helipad. Coming to boats, there are tracks that act as a ramp for them to get back to the land conveniently.

Additionally, the company provides a choice of different toolkits that are ad-hoc trackway systems. What differentiates these toolkits are the factors, including how much time it takes to roll out the track, which deployment option is used for it, track length and compatible weight range, etc.

In the movie Back To The Future, Doc Brown famously said “Roads? Where we’re going we don’t need roads” before lifting off in his flying car to the year 2015. However, we’re way past that timeline and still don’t have mass-produced flying vehicles. So, until that day arrives, innovative products like FAUN Trackway should be of prime importance in the market.

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