Microsoft’s Ex-UI Chief Is “Shocked” At The State Of Windows’ Start Menu

Jensen Harris shocked at Windows 11 Start Menu
Left: Jensen Harris

Windows is known for many things, but one of the elite features of the operating system is its Start menu. When first introduced in Windows 95, the Start menu underwent many changes and, in the course, has gone from something that people used to love to a feature that Windows users despise.

You could argue that people are being too harsh, but one of Microsoft’s ex-UI chiefs recently tried out the revamped Start menu on Windows 11 and was shocked at the state of it. Here’s what he said in a Tweet.

However, this is not the first time a developer has spoken about this. Troubled by Google Chrome and other browsers popularity and to increase Microsoft Edge’s userbase, Microsoft has been plugging similar Microsoft Edge advertisements into its search engine, Bing.

Not only that. Microsoft has also been restricting people from defaulting to other browsers on its operating platform and going as far as shutting down workarounds to make it the browser on Windows.

The Start Menu’s search functionality has been broken for quite some time, but Microsoft claims otherwise. There are many other things that users have pointed out over the years that just don’t make sense. Don’t get us wrong, Microsoft Edge is a fine browser, but preventing users from using other browsers and not fixing other features is unacceptable.

What are your thoughts about the same? Are you content with the latest changes to the Start Menu UI, or were you expecting better from Microsoft? Let us know in the comments section below.

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