Where Can You Watch Schitts Creek In 2022?

Schitt's Creek leaving netflix
Image: Netflix

Schitt’s Creek, like 30 Rock and The Office, appears to be departing Netflix in favor of a fresh new streaming service at the end of October. Schitt’s Creek premiered in 2015. It ran for six seasons before being canceled in 2020.

Created by Eugene and Dan Levy, who also stars in the show, it follows the Rose family, who lost their wealth after being conned by their business manager. Their only remaining possession is the title of Schitt’s Creek; a small Canadian village originally bought as a joke present for son David Rose a few years ago.

Johnny (Eugene Levy), the most ordinary of the Roses, his wife Moira (Catherine O’Hara), an eccentric former actress, and their two children make up the Rose family. David is the conceited son, while Alexis (Annie Murphy) is a spoiled and pampered socialite.

Needless to say, all four are struggling with their new circumstances. Particularly after being forced to move into a run-down motel and discovering that owning a town isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Schitts Creek to leave Netflix on October 3, 2022

Schitt’s Creek has been streaming on Netflix in the United States since early 2017. Unfortunately, Schitt’s Creek‘s five-year run is coming to an end. Hulu has acquired the exclusive rights to the show for the next two years. According to Puck News, the show will subsequently be split between Hulu and Paramount Plus during the third year.

Hulu made the announcement back in April and reportedly paid $1.2 million for each episode. However, the switchover would not occur until October 3, which is less than a month away. For those unaware, Netflix added Schitt’s Creek’s final sixth season on October 3, 2020.

That would imply that Hulu will begin airing the series two years after Netflix finished airing the last season. Based on this and past Netflix removals the show will leave Netflix the day it switches over to Hulu. That indicates that, at least in the United States, Schitt’s Creek will be available on Netflix until October 2, 2022.

Is Schitt’s Creek leaving Netflix globally?

Netflix viewers outside the U.S. don’t have much to worry about. Netflix apparently owns the rights to show until May 2026 (Via What’s On Netflix).

While Schitt’s Creek begins slowly, it quickly develops into something spectacular throughout the first couple of seasons. And this is mirrored in how audiences and critics have reacted to it, as well as its Rotten Tomatoes scores. On IMDB, the show currently has a 93% critics score, a 92% audience score, and 8.5 out of 10 ratings.

Schitt’s Creek may not be as popular as Seinfeld or The Office, but it is still a fun and engaging show. There are 81 episodes total, each lasting 22 minutes. That means you can binge-watch the entire show before it moves from Netflix to Hulu. You have three weeks to do it. And the sooner you begin, the easier it will be.

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