India’s Google-Backed Delivery Startup Dunzo Discloses Data Breach

Dunzo Data Breach

Dunzo, an India-based hyperlocal delivery startup backed by tech giant Google, has disclosed a data breach. The company said that one of its third-party partners had suffered the breach and that the compromised database consisted of users’ phone numbers and email addresses. Dunzo has assured users that no financial information has been compromised in the data breach.

According to The News Minute, the company has launched an internal investigation in the case of unauthorized access to data. Moreover, Dunzo has put additional security mechanisms in place to secure the data. The startup has secured all its databases from network and access stand points. Furthermore, the startup has also updated all the passwords to tighten security.

In a statement, Dunzo mentioned that after the attack, it had reviewed all third-party plugins and integrations.

Mukund Jha, CTO of Dunzo said, “We know that when you use Dunzo, you trust us with your information. We are committed to earning that trust from you, every single day on every single order. While our best teams are working on resolving and strengthening our security efforts, we’re also engaged with leading cybersecurity firms and experts to further strengthen our efforts.”

Dunzo has also asked its customers to reach out at [email protected] if they want to know more about the data breach and compromised data.

Dunzo, a Bangalore-based hyperlocal delivery startup, is operational in almost all of India’s major tier-1 cities. A few months ago, Google backed the startup and integrated Dunzo into the Google Pay app.

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