Meta Adds Meta Avatars To The Metaverse

Meta Adds Meta Avatars To The Metaverse
Image: Meta

Beginning this year, Meta added 3D Meta Avatars to its non-VR platforms. Avatars are now available on Facebook, Messenger, Instagram Stories, and Direct Messages. The company is now allowing you to have your avatars styled in the newest trends.

Facebook’s parent corporation Meta, is introducing an online Avatars Store with apparel and other accessories for the avatar. The first digital apparel labels offered by Meta include Prada and Balenciaga.

Meta will let you design your Avatars

Meta Adds Meta Avatars To The Metaverse
Image Credit: Meta

Along with Instagram’s vice president of fashion partnerships Eva Chen, Zuckerberg made the announcement via an Instagram live. “We’re launching our Avatar’s Store on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger so you can buy virtual clothing to style your avatar,” Mark Zuckerberg said.

“Digital commodities will be a key means of self-expression in the metaverse and a major driver of the creative economy,” he continued. In the metaverse, an avatar is more than just a user-generated face. It is who you are.

Every avatar is different and has countless potential. The humanoid characteristics of avatars include movable limbs, upper and lower torsos, and a face with expressive features. Since You can purchase clothing for your avatars just as in the real world. These digital clothes can be purchased and sold on Facebook Marketplace.

To create the “Metaverse,” Meta has been attempting to improve the appearance of its avatars. The internet behemoth revamped its Facebook and Messenger avatars earlier this year and added 3D avatars to Instagram.

The avatars currently feature faces, different skin tones, and accessibility devices. Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and Facebook will all have access to the Meta Avatars Store. However, as aforementioned, the users will be able to use real money to purchase clothing in the virtual world.

Who can use it?

The Meta Avatars Store will initially be available to users in the U.S., Canada, Thailand, and Mexico. Although the store will launch in the following week; The cost of digital apparel has not yet been disclosed. However, free virtual avatar attire will always be accessible for users.

Lastly, this development comes in as Facebook owners’ shares have plunged a lot in recent times. After Sheryl Sandberg stepped down as COO of the company, Meta is transitioning. Although the new COO Javier Oliver has been a long-time asset to the company and will help Meta in pursuing its future plans.

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