AMD GPU Prices Tank Amidst Crypto Crash: Should You Buy Now?

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The latest survey data by 3DCenter reveals that the average AMD graphics card is now 5% cheaper than MSRP. 3DCenter provides insights into graphic card pricing every three weeks. Three weeks earlier, the data by 3DCenter suggested that MSRPs were gradually decreasing.

AMD is currently sold at 8% below MSRP in Austria and Germany, according to 3DCenter latest survey data. Graphics card prices have been declining over the past few months after witnessing a peak in the month of May.

As per the latest data, Nvidia’s cards have a firm grip on MSRP pricing, while the average graphics card stays at 2% above MSRP. Some of the major offerings in the market are still overpriced by more than 25%.

The data also suggests that there is a slight imbalance in the pricing of these products and gives us a glimpse of the pricing trends in the coming times. Though this pricing is only focused on the European countries, they are useful in deriving the pricing trends.

Image: 3DCenter

Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 3060 Ti GPU is overpriced at 17%, RTX 3050 at 13%, and RTX 3060 at 11%. The trend indicated that the buyers are willing to pay a higher amount for these products in return for premium performance.

AMD GPU is the most overpriced product at this time. The Radeon RX 6600 is currently priced at around 20% over the MSRP.  The collapse in the crypto market has been a major factor in this pricing fluctuation.

The crash in the crypto market has caused this dip in GPU pricing. Earlier, it was also reported that the prices of graphics cards in the U.S. were dipping drastically.

We can witness some major changes in the price in the next report by 3DCenter. The current pricing trend might also affect the prices of the upcoming AMD and Nvidia GPU, which are set to launch in the next few months.

3DCenter also believes there could be a further decline in the pricing due to below-par Ethereum profitability and miners dumping the hardware in the used market.

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