This Gaming Platform Will Let You Play A New Game Everyday In 2019

Meditation gaming

Those who love playing random games online should try out Meditations; it’s a new gaming platform where you can play new games to unwind daily stress.

Meditations promises to launch one new “tiny game” every day in 2019. Each of them will be accompanied by text which serves as a “meditation, distraction, lesson or inspiration.”

Rami Ismail, the creator of Meditations, has collaborated with hundreds of developers to make sure that latest games appear on the platform each day.

Each of the games took roughly six hours to make and will take around five minutes to play. The games are “small, experimental, and minimalistic,” and will be available to play for 24 hours only. So, the Meditations launcher will download one new game every day at midnight.

The games will range from curious small puzzles to various types of challenges. The first game on Meditations called Tempres, is about pressing the spacebar and watching a meter rise up.

Overall, its a pretty amusing concept and I really like the idea behind the platform. Those who are interested in getting their hands on the free games can download the launcher here.

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