Mark Zuckerberg’s Resolution For 2019 Is To Help Fix Technology

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Each year, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg takes up new resolutions, and this year too, Zuckerberg has a list of challenges he needs to overcome in 2019.

In a lengthy Facebook post by Mark Zuckerberg, he revealed plans to find answers to various questions related to the world and technology’s place in it, in addition, to continue focusing on privacy-related issues from last year.

The Facebook CEO raised several questions on the role of technology in the world, decentralization of authority, the crucial part played by the Internet in socialization, enhancement of the Internet and technology, and much more.

To solve the various questions in Mark’s mind, his aim for 2019 is to host public discussions on technology with various people, leaders, and experts from different fields. The discussions will ponder on ‘the opportunities, the challenges, the hopes, and the anxieties’ of technology.

Zuckerberg, via the post, said, “I’m going to put myself out there more than I’ve been comfortable with and engage more in some of these debates about the future, the tradeoffs we face, and where we want to go.”

While there is no word on when Zuckerberg will commence with the discussions, it is suggested that the discussions will take place once in a few weeks, with interesting formats, on Facebook, Instagram or other social media pages.

Additionally, Zuckerberg looks forward to a year with improvements and more learnings.

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